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발전소는 갑작스런 전력 차단으로 터빈 상태 확인,발전 장비가 구동 되어지지 않을 때 많은 비용이 발생한다.
GE VideoProbe는 이런 증상을 예방하기 위하여 사용되어지며 보일러나 열교환기, 튜브 및 각종 장비에 삽입되어 파손이나 결함검사를 신속하게 진행한다.


  • Inspect boiler tubes for hydrogen damage
  • Steam generator and heat exchanger inspections
  • Turbine clean-out
  • Nuclear fuel-bundle movement
  • Nuclear reactor core mapping
  • Weld inspections
  • High-pressure valve examinations
  • Feedwater heating inspections
  • Pre-call and post-call inspections
  • Loose parts location and retrieval /
    FOSAR (Foreign Object Search And Retrieval
  • Inspection of tanks, vessels, nuclear fuel pools,
    large diameter piping
  • Steam-line inspections before final turbine assembly
  • Serial-number Identification
  • Mud-drum tube inspection
  • Coal-handling pipe inspection


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